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Somebody asked me: “what’s the most important skill for survival?”

What do you think?

It’s not your knowledge of making long-lasting foods, building a shelter or identifying useful wild plants.

It’s not even your mental strength during a crisis.

In fact, all your stockpiles put together are NOT more important than this skill.

Because believe it or not, once you know this LOST skill… you’ll have all of them and a lot more.

Now, I won’t lie.

This skill usually takes months to learn and years to master.

But I’ve discovered an ingenious shortcut that will give it to you in just 7 minutes.

I’ve never shared this survival breakthrough with anyone until now.

And the best part is with this LOST skill you’ll also be able to identify and use every edible and medicinal plant in North America, make superfoods that will last for years without refrigeration, always have clean water, find shelter in any environment and so much more!

It all started when I first realized that if we’re going to survive the next crisis, it won’t be alone.

No human being is an island after all.

Hi, I’m Claude Davis.

You may know me from my bestselling book, “The Lost Ways” or “The Lost Book of Remedies”. More than 200.000 American patriots are now relying on the lost wisdom of our forefathers… to thrive even in the darkest hours.

Or, you may have read my articles on AskaPrepper.com.

But even though my books and articles got so much attention… I never wanted to be famous. In fact, I tend to shy out from the public eye. This allows me to focus on my passion for unearthing the wisdom of our elders.

When I first came across this Lost Skill, I immediately realized it’s the first thing we’ll need in any crisis.

In the Frontier Period the rule of law was absent in most areas, so the pioneers had to adapt.

They formed tightly knit communities, that would come to aid each other against bandits and local tribes whenever they attacked.

But these frontier communities, as they became known, also did something else.

They started to share precious survival lessons with each other.

One pioneer would have an increased yield in his crops after adding a certain fertilizer. So, he’d tell the group about it.

Another would find a better way to breed pigs or chickens… stich up a knife wound, preserve meat for longer during the hot season…or learn a new natural remedy.

And he’d share those too.

All these tidbits of survival knowledge began to add up.

Soon, every frontier community had at least one herbalist that gathered all the group’s medicinal and edible plant knowledge.

They also had a metalworker who repaired tools, another guy to make charcoal and an ice cutter to preserve their food in the summer.

Before long the community members started to hold a tremendous survival advantage over the “lone-wolves”.

They just couldn’t match all the skills and support provided by a well-organized community no matter how hard they tried…

Or how smart and resourceful they were.

In fact, many of them died well before their time to disease, starvation or native raids.

But the pioneers that banded together would go on to conquer the Wild West and eventually forge the America we know and love

If you wanted to be part of this kind of community, it wasn’t enough to just be there. You had to have a valuable skill to bring with you and also respect their moral code. If you stole, you were branded a thief and thrown out or even hanged.

If someone would steal your food today, you’d just head out to Walmart and buy some more.

Back then, if a family lost their only cow, they could have starved to death. So, communities had to be tough during those times. There was no room for snowflakes. The pioneers didn’t pull any punches. And you won’t afford to pull any either in the next crisis. Or surround yourself with people who do.

Let’s be straight with each other.

Most of us are not spring chickens anymore and we won’t be able to just go out and survive alone in the wilderness.

Or even in your own home for months on end.

There is real safety in numbers.

History has taught us that much.

You cannot stay up 24 hours a day defending your family and home while also growing or finding food and doing everything else needed to survive.

What if you get hurt?

There are so many things that can go wrong and you cannot hope to prepare for all of them.

So, while this every man for himself survival might make for good TV shows, it won’t really help you in a crisis.

You’ll need other people to barter for what you’re missing.

Skills and supplies both!

That’s just what the pioneers did inside their frontier communities.

And if you want to make it for longer than a few weeks after the shit hits the fan, I think it would be wise to follow in their footsteps.

I’m talking about a community that will support all its members and whose every member will respect the moral code and chip in with valuable bits of knowledge.

A NEW Pioneer community, every bit as effective as 150 years ago.

In the end that’s the most important skill of all.

Not the skill of self-reliance like many still believe…. but that of shared reliance with folks you know you can trust and depend upon in hard times.

I like to call it “The Ultimate Lost Way”, because it makes all the other lost survival skills that much more effective.

It refines the knowledge of our forefathers and closes the gap between survival theories and their practical application in the field, by men and women just like you.

You see, there are some things that a book will never be able to teach you.

And in a crisis, those “little things” you might not worry about today will make a HUGE difference.

When you won’t be able to buy anything at the supermarket…when the dollar won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on and our government collapses…every skill will become valuable.

You won’t be able to learn all of them, even after years of painstaking work.

Believe me, I’ve tried.

But when you’re in a shared reliance community you’ll always be able to find someone who is an expert in whatever it is you’re still lacking.

Someone who can show you a more reliable method, a faster way to get it done or just someone who can barter with you.

There is no surviving long-term without this.

I can’t stress this enough.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that’s true…in fact I can’t think of much use for one during a crisis.

But if you can do one of the following: hunt, identify plants, trap wild game, tend a garden, shoot a gun, make plant remedies, can food, fish, sew or whatever else would prove useful to the group…this kind of community would have a place open for you.

So, finally I’ve decided to do something that nobody has ever done before.

A project so massive and complex that it would use every bit of the experience I’ve gathered throughout the years.

I wanted to forge an old-fashioned survival community spread all over America, in every state and every county.

A community that will welcome only like-minded people who have already individually prepared for the next crisis, and have a strong will to survive.

A group that will work together as a single unit when it needs to and operate self-sufficiently in the rest of the time.

It would all be built around the lost survival skills of our forefathers that you, and others like you have helped me save.

When there will be no more government or rule of law it’s “we the people” who must come together.

But, before you decide if this is for you, I must give you a fair warning.

The Lost Ways Survival Community will have no patience for freeloaders. Just like in pioneer days, each member will have to pull his own weight and nothing will keep you in the community should you choose to give nothing back to it.

Even if all you have is a tiny piece of survival knowledge, that you don’t think anyone else would find useful…or even interesting, I want to hear about it.

We want to hear about it.

Last, but not least, I know that while you might find the idea of community appealing operational security probably has you worried.

It’s only normal.

But let me put those fears to rest right now once and for all.

You’ll never be asked to share your location with anyone else inside “The Lost Ways Survival Community”, including myself.

Everybody will know what state you are from but nothing else.

It will be your decision alone if you wish to ever disclose it and to whom. And you’ll do that via our completely secure member’s area.

As to how we’ll help each other out if we don’t know our exact location, I’ve devised an ingenious system that took me months of head scratching, tossing ideas and going back to the drawing board more than just a few times.

You won’t see it used anywhere else online or in real life for that matter.

Now, before we continue, there are just two more things, I must ask of you.

First, tell me ONE skill you’ll be able to bring with you inside our Lost Ways Community.

Just type it in the box that appears on your screen right now.

Secondly, just like in the old days, The Lost Ways Survival Community has a moral code all its members must respect.

These rules are non-negotiable.

If you break just one of them, you’re out of the group.

It might seem harsh now but you’ll thank me later for having selected only the very best people to join “The Lost Ways Survival Community”.

So, please take a minute of your time right now and hear them out.

Absorb them all and check everything against your heart.

  1. Be honest with all other members.

  2. Defend your opinions but be respectful to members who don’t share yours.

  3. Barter and trade with other members BUT always be fair and expect fairness in return.

  4. Don’t enforce your political or religious views on others.

  5. You are responsible for your own supplies.

  6. Nobody, under any circumstance is forced to share supplies with you, or you with them.

  7. Even if the rule of law breaks down in society, we will still uphold it in our community between our members

  8. Your home is ready for at least one month of self-reliance.

  9. You can take everything the community has to offer but be willing to contribute with your own knowledge, opinion, skills and ideas whenever and however you can.

  10. Continue to use and preserve your forefathers’ skills and knowledge for future generations and the hard times ahead

Think of them as the 10 commandments of The Lost Ways Survival Community.

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement.

That means I want you by my side in the next crisis.

As you’ve probably already figured out by now, I’m what’s called a “common sense prepper”. I’m not buying into conspiracy theories or zombie apocalypses and will never willingly surround myself with those who do.

I use only qualified and verifiable information that I double check myself, just to be safe.

So, when I started out mapping out the “The Lost Ways Survival Community”, I tried to keep every bit of it just as practical and down to earth as my own way of thinking.

This will be a real revolution of shared reliance for the common people.

A gift no government, conservative or liberal, will willingly give you.

But one we can all decide to offer ourselves and in so doing, honor the legacy of our forefathers.

“The Lost Ways Community” will transform the very fabric of our society, and I foresee its impact stretching far beyond what this simple presentation can ever hope to explain.

Still, let me offer you just a tiny glimpse of what I have waiting for you on the other side should you choose to join The Lost Ways Survival Community:


* First, I decided to give every member access to my massive survival library containing over 176 books on every possible survival topic you can think of. It’s all there. This is probably the most complete collection of survival books in America, and it will help you acquire and perfect every skill you’re still missing right now.

*You’ll also have other down-to-earth preppers like you to communicate with at the push of a button, via a forum that uses the latest in encryption technology. Unlike other communities and survival websites, NOBODY will be able to spy on you here – not even our own government.

*You’ll be able to share everything you’ve learned about survival with the other members and learn from their extensive experience as well. Just to be clear, I will curate all the content to make sure nothing false or incorrect gets through. You’ll get only the best advice that flows from the practical application of The Lost Ways and other breakthrough survival methods.

* I’ll moderate talks and even help you arrange a meeting with other likeminded preppers in your state who are interested in forming a local support group for a crisis. I highly encourage you do this…but should you decide it’s not for you, relax, it’s not mandatory in any way.

* Because I want every one of my members to be as prepared as possible, I’ll send you every new physical book I’ll publish directly to your mailbox – completely free of charge. You can expect to receive one every 6 months or so.

*I’ll also show you how I built the things around my own house and upload exclusive “Lost Ways Survival Community” videos you won’t be able to find anywhere else that will clear any and all uncertainties you might have about surviving the next crisis.

*You’ll have access to custom bug-out and bug-in plans drawn up with other survival experts and covering any type of environment and terrain in America. So, whether you live in the inner city, a suburb or a rural area you’ll know exactly what to do and especially what NOT do to during each type of disaster.

*What’s more, I’ll have a dedicated person I’ll tell you more about in just a second that will be in charge of managing the discussions, keep them practical and on track and bring to my attention anything of importance that you might have to help the community.

*I’ve also created a unique system inside “The Lost Ways Survival Community” that will help you identify wild plants and craft remedies better than any book. You’ll also receive weekly detailed how-to videos that will show you how to make the most powerful remedies of our forefathers.

*Another thing The Lost Ways Survival Community will show you are do-it-yourself (DIY) survival project adapted for every kind of household from the largest ranch to the smallest apartment. Some of them come from The Lost Ways …but most will be brand new and we’ll have a lot of member generated content here as well.

*And there is so much more inside for you!

Once you decide to join The Lost Ways Survival Community today, you’ll be set for life.

The truth is the people who helped me save The Lost Ways have been asking me to launch and run an old-fashioned survival community for years.

But until today I just couldn’t make it a reality.

Between my extensive traveling to save the Lost Ways, work obligations and taking care of my loved ones there are just so many hours each day.

So why now?

Well, my neighbor Jennifer recently lost her husband in a tragic work accident.

She’s 36 years old and now a single mother of two.

Without her husband Jenny had to spend more and more time at home looking after them.

Soon, she couldn’t manage her night shifts at the local dinner anymore.

Her boss was sympathetic for a while but in the end had to let Jenny go.

On her last night there, as I sat down for my usual cup of coffee she was visibly upset.

When I asked what was wrong Jenny burst into tears and told me the whole sad story and how she didn’t have any way left to pay her bills.

Or take care of her two small children.

Now, instead of offering her a sip from the pity cup I immediately saw an opportunity to help her out.

And help YOU out as well.

Because together with Jenny I’ll finally be able to give you an old-fashioned survival community forged around the lost skills of our forefathers.

I will oversee everything of course, but it’s Jenny who will manage the community and makes sure you get everything in a timely manner.

I’ll be around to make sure she keeps you satisfied and the community secure.

By now you’re probably wondering how much taking part of “The Lost Ways Survival Community” costs.

Well I’ve got some very good news.

Nothing! At first.

Because you’ve already proven your worth by saving The Lost Ways, I want to give you something back, as a small token of my appreciation.

The first month of your membership is on me.

Completely FREE

You can try out everything inside The Lost Ways Survival Community and see if this is the survival group you’ve always wanted to be part of.

Read through the most massive survival library ever assembled.

Take a look at our how-to and DIY videos…and absorb the knowledge of our forefathers faster and easier.

Take advantage of everything inside for a full month.

All I ask for those who choose to stay in our group from the second month, is to chip in a small amount to give Anne Jane a decent salary so she can raise her kids.

In the beginning we started at $100 to meet this expense. But as more members joined it started to drop in the first week at just $40… and now we’re looking at $29/month.

But if you’ll take me up on this offer to join The Lost Ways Survival Community right now, because I know the prices will drop even lower, you’ll get an extra discount:

Today you can be part of the most prepared survival community for just $19 a month. But, you’ll only pay that if you choose to stay after your free month is over.

But the price doesn’t even matter. Join “The Lost Ways Survival Community” without a dime and take a whole month to see if this is for you.

The way I see it you’ve got just two options from now on.

You can choose to disregard everything I’ve shown you in this video, and keep trying to make it by yourself in the next crisis.

We’ve already seen how well that worked out for the “lone-wolf” Pioneers.

Sure, you might get lucky.

You could not run out of any vital supplies, get sick with no medicine in sight or have 20 hungry looters banging on your front door when SHTF.

It can happen.

I’m not saying it can’t.

But when is the last time something you planned went EXACTLY according to your plan?

You see, life just doesn’t work that way.

It tends to throw you a curve ball when you least expect it.

And during a crisis that could cost you everything and everyone you hold dear.

Now, I know you’re not the kind of man or woman who would take such a risk so you really have just one option left.

Joining a community of likeminded people, you can trust and rely on during dark times.

A community that will help you fight looters and protect your supplies even if you’re outgunned and outnumbered.

A community that will always give you a fair deal when bartering and has the supplies and skills you’ll need to survive.

Ultimately, a community that will work with you instead of against you to rebuild everything we’ll all lose in the chaos ahead.

Make no mistake.

There is no real charity during a disaster.

So, if you’re still expecting Uncle Sam or some friendly neighbor to step in for you when things go bad – think again.

The things you see on TV right now with people helping each other after a hurricane only happen because they know at some point the government or FEMA will step in.

They know those stores and pharmacies will open again, even if it takes them a week or two.

But when the shit really hits the fan those same charitable people will fight you tooth and nail for every bit of resource you have left.

Just think about it.

They have families of their own and they’ll be hungry.

Only theirs will matter a lot more.

But a survival community that has strengthened its bonds well before the crisis?

Now, that’s a whole different story.

Until today it wasn’t possible and should you lose this unique opportunity today by the time you come back it might already be too late.

And the door closed.

You see, I don’t want plan on just adding tens of thousands of members because I want to be able to give each and every one of you a great community.

So, I’ve already set a cap on the number of members The Lost Ways Community will take in.

Once we reach it and we have enough representation in each American state it will close its doors.

There will be no more entry unless a member drops out or is kicked out for not obeying the 10 rules.

But that spot will probably get filled just as quickly and one place you don’t want to be when the shit hits the fan is on a waiting list.

To the one thing that could have saved your family’s life.

So, I hope you’ll make the right decision now and join The Lost Ways Survival Community.

For you.

For your family.

But also, for our country.

Like I said it won’t cost you anything right now but one day it might help you save everything.

God Bless,


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